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Learning to be Still

One of the methods that I found that seems to help encourage the bonds between understanding and learning is through teaching ourselves how to be still. There is an awareness brought on through silence that truly helps us to find ourselves, our balance, and our Gods. Being still lifts us beyond the harsh and fractured world that is ever present, and carries us to a space where our mind and spirit can flow in unison. This technique helps to heal ourselves both within and without and brings us a sense of calming peace and well-being.

  Stillness is about mindfulness. It is balanced, a practice about being aware of the here and now, of becoming quiet within. Those who meditate, do this on a regular basis, and it becomes a habit with practice. For those who have never done meditation, I highly recommend it.  Ask yourself, if you move a finger, tap your toes or look around the room who controls that? The answer is of course yourself. No one else has that ability. That being the case, you are also the one in control of your own art of stillness, and this is a key factor to remember. You and only you are in control of all you do.  
Exercise 1.  Motionlessness
Sit comfortably in a quiet comfortable space, and close your eyes. If this is the first time you have ever done this type of practice, just try to remain perfectly motionless and count to fifty. As you get used to sitting motionless if you wish you can increase it for a longer period but start by just learning to sit without any movement. That is the key. Don't worry about anything else for the first few times.  When you feel you can sit motionlessly, try increasing the time to maybe five minutes, set a timer if you can and don't try to do anything but sit motionlessly. Don't worry if your mind wanders or you lose count. What really matters the most for this particular exercise is that there is no physical movement for however long you are comfortable with.  
Exercise 2  Be aware
For this exercise, you do the same as for the first but this time as you remain motionless with your eyes closed, allow yourself to be aware of any sensations you feel and of your own breathing. Notice if you feel pain or tiredness anywhere, these are usually signals of stress. When you locate those areas just breathe in slowly and deeply(still without moving) and when you breathe out, in your mind just feel those stresses flow out of you with your exhale. You can repeat this as often as you need until you feel relaxed and calm. 
Exercise 3  Stillness
After you are comfortable with the first two exercises, add one more. As you breathe out all stress and worry, let your mind become clear of thought. At first, this will not be easy but though difficult sometimes, it's worth it.  If you find that you can't do this without thinking, try turning on music without words before you begin and just listen, don't think, just listen to the sound. Do this for as long as you can, but even a short time will benefit you and you will feel relaxed and at ease.  
The above exercises may appear to be mundane and ridiculous, but they truly will help you as you move further ahead in discovering yourself within, a key factor in communication with our guides, the Gods, the natural world, and the multiverse. Many ideas require deep thought and inner peace and the exercises above will bring that. You never have to do more or less than you desire, remember always that you are in control of you.

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