The Gjallgard Kindred

Asatru/Northern Tradition Paganism

About the Kindred

The Gjallgard Kindred is a small independent group dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse/Germanic Pantheon.

Started in 1993, the Kindred is based in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.  Our membership, however, is not restricted to the Penticton area.

The Gjallgard Kindred is a Universalist Kindred. Our membership is open to any, regardless of origin, who feel the call of the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse/Germanic Pantheon, who are free of racist beliefs, free of religious bigotry, and who endeavour to live to the best of their ability by the Nine Noble Virtues. We are not the Kindred to join if you just want to play “Viking”.

Asatru” means many different things to different people. To us it simply means “True to the Gods”. We see it more as a spiritual path than as a religion.

The name Gjallgard is from two Old Norse words, gjalla - yell, scream; bellow; twang (of a bowstring) (v), and garðr - enclosed space, yard; farmyard, enclosure; court; fence; dwelling-place; stronghold, castle (m). It should be interpreted as “resounding place”. For those who know the natural energies of the Okanagan Valley, and in particular those surrounding the city of Penticton, on a spiritual/metaphysical level it’s quite fitting.

The Kindred’s Patron is Heimdall. Our symbols are Odin’s Cross, the Gjallarhorn, and Mjolnir. Our charge is to live true, and to carry the troth between men and Gods from this age into the next.

At this time, the Kindred does not levy any fees or dues upon it’s membership. It is, however, expected that members of the Kindred support the Kindred as they are able and deem fitting. A gift for a gift.

Many pagans/heathens are recreationists/reconstructionists.  We are not.  The Gods and Goddesses of the Norse pantheon live - now, today. History and lore is of major interest, of course, but here and now IS, and what was, was. In examining the lore and in communing with the Ancestors, one develops an understanding of how they saw the Multiverse. We endeavour to see our "here and now" as they saw theirs, not to live in theirs, not to do as they did. We do not attempt to walk, or re-create, their path. We walk our own paths, in our own time and place, with their guidance.

Many who claim to be Asatru feel that it belongs to those of Norse/Germanic descent exclusively. There are many who are racists and white supremacists. They are wrong. The Norse/Germanic pantheon of gods are not of one race. Anyone who claims to be true to them yet holds to racist beliefs knows nothing of the ways of Asatru. The gods are primarily of two races, the Aesir and the Vanir, who met in conflict, resolved the issue for the most part, and became one pantheon. The pantheon includes others as well, Jotuns (giants) who live, work, and intermarry with the Aesir and Vanir.  There are Elves and Dwarves, and others.  Sometimes they don't all get along, there is conflict and strife, but in the forges of life the goal is the creation of quality steel, not the destruction of iron.  The point is not in the conflict, but in the resolution of conflict.

Those who profess to follow these gods should live by their example. Our backgrounds and beliefs may differ, we may be of many different tribes, we may not always get along, but in the end, we are one.

~ Goði Brian C. "Sam" Haskell

Goði Sam

Goði B.C. "Sam" Haskell is one of three co-founders of the Gjallgard Kindred, and has been the leader of the Kindred since 1993.

  • Ordained Pagan Minister (Goði) and Interfaith Metaphysical Spiritualist Minister.
  • Spiritual Advisor.
  • Northern Tradition Shamanic Practitioner (Seiðrman)
  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach, and Counselling Practitioner.
  • Author of "Lækna Seiðr - An Energy Healing Perspective", which introduces a methodology based in ancient Norse-Germanic lore, mythology, cosmology, and theology, using a system of nine primary Hvel (chakras) and working with runic energies.
  • Webmaster and past-President of the Okanagan Metaphysics Society.