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Lækna Seiðr – An Energy Healing Perspective

alt"There are many different systems and methods of energy healing that have developed through different cultural perspectives. What is presented here is a methodology to facilitate healing by working with energy as based on the perspective of one who studies Northern Tradition. It is not presented as a traditional method, rather it is a method developed through study of Northern Shamanistic and ancient Norse cultural

This booklet introduces an energy healing methodology that meshes with ancient Norse-Germanic lore, mythology, cosmology, and theology, using a system of nine primary Hvel (chakras) and working with runic energies.

“Lækna Seiðr – An Energy Healing Perspective” by Goði Brian C. "Sam" Haskell is now available at White Lioness Metaphysics 419 Main Street, Penticton, BC, or inquire through our contact page for pricing and shipping.


Review of “Lækna Seiðr“:

This short but intriguing book by self-taught runer Brian ‘Sam‘ Haskell is the only work I know of that focuses entirely on the use of the Runes for healing. His technique has much in common with Reiki, but the philosophy and world-view behind it are indisputably inspired by the lore of the Northern Tradition of magic. Much of the beauty of the book lies in the modesty of its author: “I am not a teacher, the only true teacher is experience. I am not a healer, the only true healer is the Self. I am simply a facilitator, a ´hollow bone´, a conduit.” Using this technique, therefore, one directs the runic energies to help the subject heal him or herself. I look forward to trying out these techniques for myself and to seeing others achieve positive results with them, and I have a strong feeling that this book will be the precursor to a much more extensive work.