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When I was writing my little booklet on Lækna Seiðr I compiled pages of notes on Mengloth and her nine handmaidens.  It took weeks, and then weeks more trying to incorporate the notes into the work.  In the end, what I wrote was no more than mention of them.  It took me a long time to realize what I already knew, those who would work with them would have to work with them, not with what I might know of them.  They would have to get to know Mengloth and her nine handmaidens themselves and develop personal relationships with them.

The same is true of all the Gods.  Asatru is not so much a religion as it is a troth.  Asatru means true to the Gods, not true to the priests.  It is not the place of the Goðar to dictate your relationship with the Gods, nor to be the voice of the Gods, nor to stand between you and the Gods.  The Goðar are the dedicated servants of the Gods, nothing more.  They may introduce you to the Gods, they may help you understand them, they may guide and advise you, but your relationship with the Goðar is not your relationship with the Gods.  Your troth with the Gods is within you, it is a personal relationship with them, your path is your own.

Think of your best friend.  If all you knew of them was what you had read or what others had told you of them, what kind of relationship would you have?  You have to develop that relationship between you yourselves.

Studying the lore is good, it may help you to understand.  On the other hand, it may confuse you.  Nothing messes up a relationship faster than, "Well, so-and-so said that you..."  Don't base your reality on what "so-and-so" said.  Don't let it get between you and the Gods, ever.  Simply take it into consideration, then proceed on your own.

The booklet, "Lækna Seiðr: An Energy Healing Perspective", by the way, will be made available on this site in a month or so.

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