The Gjallgard Kindred

Asatru/Northern Tradition Paganism

The Secrets of Trees

Study the Science of trees. Study the history of trees. Know what trees grew 2000 years ago. Know how far the trees bend when the wind blows. Know what creatures live in trees. Know what creatures find food from trees. Know what creatures have use of the wood of trees and what uses they put it to. Chase the story of trees across the Universe. Know how many trees make up a forest. Know the secrets of trees. Know all of this. What do you know?

If you are not a tree, you will never know what it is to BE a tree.. If you ARE a tree, your truth is within you and you need look no further. All else may be interesting, but it is not essential.

To hold Troth with the gods, you must hold Troth with the gods. You must know something of the gods, and of truth, but accruing written knowledge, the knowledge of others, second-hand knowledge, is of secondary importance. If you walk with the gods and listen to them, they will show you their truth. Look within yourself to learn your truth. The gods live. They do not exist only in ancient stories, and you do not live in ancient times. You carry within you something of all that has gone before, it is part of who you are. There is no recipe to living true, no more than there is a recipe to being human. It is within you. Honor the gods. Honor yourself.  Be True.

~ Sam Haskell © 2012

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