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Making Changes

There is much in the world that each of us would change, if we could. If we could. Those are the three key words in that sentence. Why can’t we change them? Easy answer: they are external and do not belong to us. What does belong to us, what can we change? Well, we can start with ourselves.

In …

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Spiritual Relationships

Here's a transcript of the brief talk I gave for the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society this morning:

I’m going to start out with a little foundational work. It may not seem, at first, to have much to do with relationships, but bear with me and we’ll get where we’re going.

We ar…

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Spiritual Relationships

On Sunday, February 23rd, I will be speaking on Spiritual Relationships for The Celebration Center and Metaphysical Society, at White Lioness Metaphysics, 419 Main St., Penticton, BC.

Doors open at 9:30 AM for set-up, Choice of Socializing or Meditation and Energy Healing from 10:00 to 10:20 AM, …

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Winternights - Vetrnætr

In ancient times, Winternights was a festival marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The farming season was at an end and the hunting season beginning. The last of the crops were brought in, and animals which were unlikely to make it through the winter were …

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Upcoming talk

I will be speaking at the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society in Penticton on Sunday, February 24th.

Coping with Self-Sabotage in Metaphysical Practice

With Sam Haskell

Why is it that we shoot for the stars, but so often find ourselves aiming directly at our foot?

This talk will brie…

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Lækna Seiðr

“Lækna Seiðr – An Energy Healing Perspective” by Goði Brian C. "Sam" Haskell is now available at White Lioness Metaphysics 419 Main Street, Penticton, BC

"There are many different systems and methods of energy healing that have developed through different cultural perspectives. What is p…

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Troth, Lore, and the Goðar

When I was writing my little booklet on Lækna Seiðr I compiled pages of notes on Mengloth and her nine handmaidens.  It took weeks, and then weeks more trying to incorporate the notes into the work.  In the end, what I wrote was no more than mention of them.  It took me a long time to realize what I…

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Why is this happening to me?

Every time that you find yourself asking that question, give yourself a little time to contemplate the question.

Give yourself a little time to listen for an answer.

A little time.

Then ask yourself, "Why is this happening for me?"

If something is happening to you, rather than for you, y…

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You Have the Right to Accept the World you Live In.

In a recent news story, a nurse is suing Duke University Hospital for failing to accommodate her religious beliefs. She is Catholic, and has a problem with abortions, birth control, and vaccinations. The story has become a bit controver…

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Basic Mead Recipe

I've been asked a few times recently about making mead.  To make things easier on myself, this is basically how I put it together:

I use liquid honey, because its easier, but it doesn't really matter.  1 litre/1.4 kilo honey for 4 litres finished mead is a good minimum.  I usually use 6 litres o…

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On Vikings

Víkingr is an old Norse word for a seafarer, whether engaged in trade, exploration, war, or simply travel, one who went to sea was víkingr. The term has no meaning beyond that of the terms, “woodcutter”, or “farmer”, or “herdsman”. Viking is an anglicized form of that word, created and used by the C…

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The Secrets of Trees

Study the Science of trees. Study the history of trees. Know what trees grew 2000 years ago. Know how far the trees bend when the wind blows. Know what creatures live in trees. Know what creatures find food from trees. Know what creatures have use of the wood of trees and what uses they put it t…

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