The Gjallgard Kindred

Asatru/Northern Tradition Paganism

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the longest, darkest night of the year. It is the end of the solar year, and at the dawn of the next day begins a new cycle. It is also considered as the seasonal dark night of the soul. Spiritually, it’s a time for stillness as we contemplate the balance of darkness and light within ourselves. This time of year is about embracing the darkness, while celebrating the turning point where we will at the morning's renewal begin to get a little more light each day. We are coming out of the darkness so to speak. The winter solstice is the time to honor the gifts of the darkness, while celebrating the return to the light. It is a time to turn inward and become more introspective acknowledging our own duality. It is the time to reflect, release and let go of all the things you would like to let go of. My mother would always take a small container she kept for this evening, and she would write down all of the bad, sad, and anything else that had caused her spiritual pain during the year .She would burn her writing in her little bowl which sent that darkness away, transforming it into light. After letting go of the darkness she would talk to us about her goals, her visions and all the good she wished to see in the coming year. My mom was Christian, but she was a true Spiritualist at heart. She used to call this writing her ' Dear God' letters , and told me it doesn't matter what your religion is, spiritual renewal is universal across all beliefs. This day, and the celebrations we hold are to look at the past year and to let go of the darkness of and to invite the light of new hope and possibility into our new year.

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